Consultants Inc.

MMC Inc. has initiated dozens of domestic acquisitions for US Corporations and Private Equity firms. MMC Inc. has also established discussions for several International acquisitions. One such acquisition met with outstanding success in China.

Since its establishment in 1973, MMC Inc. founder, Norman O. Olsen, built and continues to build a network of M&A and strategic marketing and manufacturing consultants internationally and domestically. The ongoing cultivation of these relationships is an integral part of MMC Inc. strategy for creating successful business combinations.The MMC Inc. mission is to provide advisory services that maximize corporate health, value, and management performance.

Norman O. Olsen

Founder/President & Managing Partner

Prior to forming Management Meeting Consultants 35 years ago, Mr. Olsen had 20 years of corporate management experience with AMP Incorporated and Photo Circuits Corp pioneering new products. His first two years in the merger and acquisition business were spent on Wall Street doing acquisitions at Windmill, Jones and Walker. Over the course of his career, Mr. Olsen has also developed the capability of producing Annual Reports on film for public and private corporations that want to present the results of their performance to shareholders. Inquiries are welcome in this regard.


MMC Advising Partners

MMC Inc. Associate Senior Partners are exceptionally knowledgeable in the Healthcare/Medical field and International Business. They serve MMC clients as advisors on joint ventures and acquisition partnering of companies we approach with creative suggestions. Each of our specialized consultants provide an economical resource to efficiently and unobtrusively provide needed action when a company and its leaders require perspective in facing both long-standing and sudden challenges. Backed by the multi-industry knowledge of MMC Inc., our consultants provide services in the area of due diligence, financial analysis, regulatory analysis/compliance, crisis management and corporate strategy.

Dr. Ralph A. Biedermann

International Business

Dr. Biedermann is President of The MRB Group, an international market development firm, located in Lake Bluff, Illinois and has over 40 years experience in the industrial, consumer, defense and aerospace fields. He has represented the Mexican States of Tamaulipas and Yucatan in the U.S. and works on an on-going basis with major industrial parks, construction companies, contract manufacturers, shelter operators and professional service providers in Mexico. Dr. Biedermann was President of Brunswick International, Ltd., Director of Corporate Relations for the Brunswick Corporation, President of the Mid America Chapter of the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the American Chamber of Commerce of China.

Thomas A. Overmyer


Thomas A. Overmyer has over 35 years of experience in the Healthcare industry active with clients in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, and drug recovery arena. Mr. Overmyer provides tactical guidance to the healthcare community. Past examples of his work include directing marketing operations for global organizations in 75 countries and providing leadership for $100 million oncology business that contributed to 75% of profit growth.

Kate Lewis


Kate Lewis has 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry projects in her portfolio. Kate is a skilled problem-solver who succeeds in identifying and leveraging long-term growth lifecycle initiatives, strategically creating platforms and capitalizing on trends in healthcare professional organizations and consumer networks that drive market share.

Drew G. Satherlie

Mergers & Acquisitions

Drew Satherlie has over 20 years experience in the industrial field, primarily with leading distribution companies like Grainger, Lawson Products and DGI Supply. He has also worked for FedEx and Arthur Andersen. Drew’s expertise includes helping companies strategically grow revenue either through targeted acquisitions or organically.

Daniela Sloan

Vice President of Administration

Ms. Sloan coordinates activity with the Associate Senior Partners and maintains relationships with clients. She brings to MMC Inc. excellent communication and writing skills, as well as her fluency in Spanish, conversational Portuguese and Turkish. Ms. Sloan's experience is in facilitating the development, maintenance and monitoring of organizational plans. If you have any further questions regarding MMC Inc. and the Associate Senior Partners, she will be delighted to forward any further information you require.

Victoria Campia

Assistant Vice President


Victoria is in charge of MMC Inc. research of companies and add-on acquisitions for specific acquisition candidates being offered by MMC. The add-on candidates are chosen to form dynamic profitable groups with the objective of accomplishing more together than they can separately. Victoria develops detailed lists of specific potential acquisition candidates, domestically and internationally, using the latter growth strategy as a basis for her research. Victoria is also a student Lake Forest College studying continued education. She enhances the value of MMC Inc. by complimenting the objectives of our corporate and private equity clients with her thorough research.